What We’ve Learnt From The Streets of MBFWA 2016

The Cadence team was lucky enough to be on the ground at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia this year. We witnessed first hand some outstanding street style from our Aussie counterparts. There’s no doubt that Aussies are stepping up in the scheme of all things fashion and our international neighbours are taking note.

So we’ve reviewed and collated 12 lessons that we’ve learnt from the MBFWA streets:

1/ Invest in a Gucci piece now, be it a bag, shoes or Carmen Hamilton’s multicoloured statement dress. Gucci was the biggest brand on the street this year.

www-liz-sunshine-4 Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-10 Photographer: Liz Sunshine

Photographer: Katie Fergus

liz sunshine-24Photographer: Liz Sunshine

2/ Add an accessory in red. It’s the boldest colour out there and can take any outfit from dull to daring.

www-liz-sunshine-8Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-20Photographer: Liz Sunshine

Photographer: Katie Fergus

proof-that-sydney-street-style-has-really-grown-up-1773490-1463570343.640x0cPhotographer: Liz Sunshine

3/ Silk bombers are major right now; we’re obsessing over Brooke Testoni’s red decal bomber. If you want something a tad more versatile, go for a plain bomber in neutral, black or military green.

Photographer: Katie Fergus

Photographer: Katie Fergus

www-liz-sunshine-13Photographer: Liz Sunshine

liz sunshine-22Photographer: Liz Sunshine

4/ Ellery is still having the biggest influence on street style. If you weren’t wearing Ellery you were wearing a translation of it, in all forms of the flare.

www-liz-sunshine-9Photographer: Liz Sunshine

Photographer: Katie Fergus

liz sunshine-23Photographer: Liz Sunshine

5/ Heels were a non-essential this year. With many outfits complimented by a crisp white sneaker or a flat Gucci mule, there was no inclination for an elongated leg and outfits were still on point without it.

Photographer: Katie Fergus

Photographer: Katie Fergus

Photographer: Liz Sunshine

6/ Deep blue, dusty pink and rust are key colours this season. Forget winter blacks, greys and mulberry, this time around winter is more colourful than ever. Which brings us to our next point..

www-liz-sunshinePhotographer: Liz Sunshine

Photographer: Katie Fergus

Photographer: Katie Fergus

www-liz-sunshine-7Photographer: Liz Sunshine

7/ Romantic florals are also making a huge move this season. They’re not just reserved for the springtime, however opt for dark romantic miniature prints for that wintery touch.

Photographer: Katie Fergus

vogue-phil-oh-2Photographer: Phil Oh

vogue-phil-oh-3Photographer: Phil Oh 

8/ In terms of structure, there was a huge move away from simplistic, clean lines and a big move towards frills, pleats, lacing and bold stitching.

Photographer: Liz Sunshine

Photographer: Liz Sunshine

Photographer: Katie Fergus

Photographer: Katie Fergus

9/ All of the white shirts are purposely oversized. We always love a new take on a classic; in terms of the white shirt the detail of the moment is the elongated sleeve.

vogue-phil-ohPhotographer: Phil Oh

Photographer: Liz Sunshine

Photographer: Liz Sunshine

10/ Knee high boots are back and they mean business. We’ve had a fairly long break from these boots but we’re always happy to see them come back around, any which way you wear them they’ll give an outfit a touch of sex appeal.

www-liz-sunshine-21Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-22Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-14Photographer: Liz Sunshine

11/ A lot of street style was just white and black with a twist. It seems we just can’t get enough of the staple colours, however the lack of colour left plenty of room for extra detail.

www-liz-sunshine-19Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-23Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-17Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-16Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www-liz-sunshine-15Photographer: Liz Sunshine

12/ And lastly we spotted another big 90’s trend reinvented, wearing long tops/dresses over pants. We’re glad to say it looks much better this time round.

www-liz-sunshine-6Photographer: Liz Sunshine

www.liz-sunshine-5Photographer: Liz Sunshine

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