The Pieces Our Editor is Shopping for Now

When it is quite literally my job to scour the interwebs and find stylish outfits, it’s hard to resist bringing work home and hanging it in the closet.

In saying that I would like to make it clear that what I shop is now a very considered process – it’s true, I promise! When trends come and go faster than the weekend buying into every one is not only ridiculous, it’ll leave you broke.

Trends need to work for you and fit into your style – not you fitting into the trend – something that’s taken me a bit of time to learn for myself. So when hoodies became a thing (FYI, hoodies are a thing for AW17) I knew 110% that it worked for me, they also look super cute with a patent leather mini skirt.

So if you’re interested in discovering the key pieces I have invested in this year, will be investing in and am currently saving for (hello Gucci!). Scroll through for my very carefully selected shopping list below:

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