Sweetheart/Strapless: If you’re going strapless you want to show off your shoulders and décolletage, so don’t then cover up with excess jewellery. Accentuate your neckline with a high neck chunky necklace that doesn’t drape around too much.


V-Neck: This is the most versatile shape and you can really get adventurous. Think big and bold statement pieces. Keep in mind the most flattering necklace shape is one that mirrors the v neck and comes to a point.

v neck

Asymmetric: The shape of your garment is often enough detail for the neckline here so we don’t recommend confusing it with extra shapes. The best option is to go for big statement earrings.asymmetric

Off-Shoulder: This area is similar to sweetheart/strapless, you really want to showcase your shoulders and décolletage so if you are going to choose a necklace, choose something that makes a subtle statement, keep it minimalistic. Otherwise big statement earrings are always a good choice for this shoulder

High/Round Neck: This may have to be a favourite neckline because you can really make a grand statement! Because your neckline is high and simple add interest and keep the necklace high aswell but go bold, thick and detailed.

high neck

Scoop: If you’re wearing a scoop neckline it’s more often than not a tee or a singlet so keep with the understated look and go for fine jewellery and if you need more try layering a few fine necklaces.scoop

Plunge: You can’t go wrong with a lariat necklace. For a minimal look go for a fine jewellery piece and for a bit more of a statement choose something chunkier, but always keep the length as it compliments the neckline so well.


Turtleneck: A turtleneck isn’t really suitable for any necklace but it looks great with big statement earrings.turtleneck

Some Extras:

T-Shirt: Dress up a basic tee with a chunky high necklace, chains are the most timeless and won’t take the look too overboard. Otherwise if you want to keep your look more relaxed opt for a simple fine jewellery piece, you don’t need to layer them, one necklace is enough.

Button-Up Shirt: If you’re a button up girl a simple high necklace is perfect, if you’re an unbuttoned girl continue to keep it simple but go for a lariat necklace. You really don’t need much with a button up shirt, when you’ve got a collar, buttons and pockets a big necklace often doesn’t compliment.



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