The Denim Mini: Making its Millenial Comeback

As fashion starts to make it’s way through the 90’s we’re seeing new styles pop up every week and we’re honestly not even surprised anymore. One piece that is going to be everywhere this Spring Summer is the denim mini. Our European friends wore the skirt all through their summery seasons and now it’s made it’s way down under.

7dcaeebab750ed85302ba76ea618124aImage Source: Camille Over the Rainbow

9a7392f73cb2e530c5f68009527707a8Image Source: Getty James Devaney

a66204c15bc98193376413987a9d82abImage Source: Symphony of Silk

d4254cdbd838200b962dc0218ec8dcbcImage Source: They All Hate Us

7347c13b847c868da862e290cdad5314Image Source: LA Cool & Chic

It’s the ultimate casual summer piece so pair it with some sandals or sneakers and a casual tee, silky cami or a white button up shirt.

To get a head start on the trend, we’ve curated some of our favourites:

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