Up until recently the only meaning undertone had in my mind was relevant to the implied subtext of the words that I spoke. And being of pale white ghost like skin, I also had the impression that any colour would suit me as soon as I got a tan. Not quite so.

As expected, there’s a bit more to it than that.

In this context, undertone refers to the subdued colour or underlying tone of your skin. You are either warm or cool, there is a neutral category but that’s not really any help at all so we will ignore her indecisive attitude and move on. Once you discover your undertone you will better understand the colours you should be wearing.

Instead of me explaining how to find your illusive undertone, Popsugar has developed a quick and easy quiz that will give you an instant result; complete it here.

Now to colour, it’s a bit more fun than if you’re a cool tone you just have to wear blue things and if you’re a warm tone just red, everything red. Take a look at the colour wheel below, everything above the line is warm and everything below the line is cool, this is what you should start to picture when you’re choosing your colours.

IMG_1936 copy

To go further into this, you can see that there are two greens side by side, same colour but different underlying tones, the green above the line has a tinge of yellow and the green below the line has a tinge of blue. The same applies to red and pink, both can have undertones that allow them to cross over the line. Keep in mind the other colours are strictly warm or cool they don’t have the ability to cross over.

If you’re still not quite grasping how red could be a cool colour, think about your red lipstick. Do you have one that makes your teeth look really yellow? That’s because it has a yellow undertone making it warm. Do you have another red lippy that makes your teeth look really white? It has a blue undertone therefore making it cool and more flattering to a cool toned person. A little handy hint there for when you need to buy some lippy aswell.

Let’s hope this has helped in any sort of way and that we’re on our way to a colour filled future with maybe a little (or a lot) of black still involved.


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