We’re not sure if we’re arriving to the party early or late but Nadia Fairfax is on point and we want to steal all of her clothes and her copious amounts of cool.
Nadia is the brains behind Fairfax Journal which if you haven’t visited yet, cancel your activities because it’s all time. Apart from her journal Nadia is usually out and about doing blogger related activities like hosting the AACTA awards and jumping into the crystal clear waters at Nusa Lembongan. A lifestyle like that can tend to make people jealous which is why Nadia has made her way onto our Steal Her Style list.
We would describe Nadia’s style as relaxed minimalism with a touch of glam. The key to stealing her style is picking classic on trend items, you’ll be able to pair them with most things in your wardrobe and you’ll start to radiate a Nadia Fairfax vibe. The key is to keep it simple, you don’t need embellishment, too many layers or too many colours (keep it to a max of four different colours per outfit and they should be complimentary or monotone). If it’s your night to shine and the heels are coming out then look for a dress in black, white or a muted colour that is a classic design but has a touch of sophisticated detail. You can then pair your dress with your favourite heels (no platforms!) and keep your hair and makeup to a minimum to ooze that ultra-relaxed vibe.
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