It’s safe to say that a collection of items you’ve purchased over the years have either come back into style or never made a return. Most of the time you just need to re-tweak them to work with the latest trends, so to help you out here’s a few tips on how to reinvent some of those awkward pieces and make them timeless.

Old Jeans

If you’re not feeling your old skinny legs anymore because you’re finding them boring and too plain an easy fix is to basically rip them up. The distressed jean is a major trend now, so rips; pulls and scratches are totally acceptable. Search online for some inspiration when deciding how much you want to rip your jeans up and ensure you watch a few tutorials before starting, because there is a method to the madness.

If you’ve got a baggy pair of jeans that you’re feeling are too ‘mumsy’ looking or whatnot, turn them into a boyfriend jean. (Once again you can rip these too). Simply cuff the bottom of your jeans a few times and add a belt if they’re too oversized and viola you’ve got a fresh pair of boyfie jeans.




Old shirts

The classic check shirt around the waist is still well and truly on trend, although these days you don’t just need to stick to checks. Now you can go crazy with colours and patterns around your waist, so before chucking out any old shirts have a play around and see if they suit this style.

Secondly, with the cropped look also in, cutting your old shirts into a cropped style is another great way to reinvent and recycle.


Oversized blouses/T-shirts

For your oversized blouses that were once in you can easily change it up and fit into the current trends that feature only slightly oversized blouses. Simply cuff the two sleeves of your blouse to create a more structured look and in some cases tuck in part of the bottom section of the top into your pants/shorts.

Another option follows a major trend from designers such as Alexander Wang this year, which features blouses that are only semi buttoned up. Button your blouse from the very top button down to about the forth and leave the others undone.


With autumn and winter on the horizon it’s getting a bit chilly to bear a bralette on it’s own but they’re too amazing to throw away just yet. Instead start wearing your bralette under sheer jumpers and long sleeve shirts. Seeing as your top will be slightly see through you will still maintain the sexy look that the bralette gives off so well.


Bomber Jackets

Don’t worry bombers are still major but with bomber style jumpers also being thrown into the mix a simple taste of both worlds is to zip your bomber up all the way. Throw on a scarf over the top to draw attention away from the zip or even wear your jacket backwards so that zip section is now on your back rather then your tummy. If you’re going for the backwards option wear a cool chunky necklace to break up the high neck feature a little.


One-piece swimmers

With the awesome one pieces out these days it sort of seems like they should be designed as a leotard as well. So why not just make them one? If you’ve got a one piece that has front cut outs, is backless or features mesh paneling then it’s perfect for a leotard. Wear them with skinny jeans, shorts, disco pants. …pretty much everything. You can dress it up with various blazers or coats so it just looks like a cool top if you’re trying to play it down.




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