For all women, a maxi dress should be considered as an essential. It not only promises effortless style in a variety of patterns, colours and fabrics but they work to fit in with the ever-changing style trends. Plus, I can guarantee they are the most timeless piece in your wardrobes. Although, it can sometimes be difficult to select the right cut and fit for your body and ultimately you just give up on the idea all together. So to resurrect that dream, here’s a few pointers on finding that perfect maxi.

Your maxi needs to have a tailored look about it so it highlights all of your favorite features. There are quite a few styles to choose from and each compliment different assets of the body so it’s all about getting which feature you want to show off right.

Styles to compliment your neck and shoulders:

Strapless – I value these so much for their versatility, it can so easily be dressed up and down with hints of jewelry and a change of shoes. They’re perfect for summer because you won’t get a nasty tan line but be sure to pick a fabric that isn’t too formal, so you have the option to keep it casual. Strapless maxis best show off your collarbone, neckline and arms. If you’re smaller busted it will draw attention away from this as it will fully cover you. Otherwise if you want to show a bit of cleavage it will still work, as the dress will sit lower on your upper bust area.

Spaghetti straps – minimal impact is made by a spaghetti strapped maxi, they simple frame your neck and open up some, at times, well needed room for statement jewelry. A simple body chain worn underneath the dress is bang on trend and will keep it casual. Otherwise if it’s for the evening, go for something more loud and chunky.

One shoulder – Perfect for the evening but with the right fabric can be suited to daytime adventures as well. They are great for people who aren’t a fan of their arms as attention is drawn away as one side is covered.

V-neck – This style is very bohemian which is perfectly suited to the summer months. They’re great for drinking alfresco, holiday dinning, and days spent around the beach. If you’re a lover of showing off some cleavage then this is your best fit.

Plunging – This has evening all over it due to it’s formality and sophistication. Opt for sparkling earrings with this one instead of a necklace; there will be too much going on otherwise. Most people feel like they need good cleavage to pull this off. I totally disagree. Having too much hanging out in a dress like is not as classy as having only a touch of cleavage. So don’t feel like you need to be Pamela Anderson to rock this out.

Styles to compliment your waistline and legs: 

Plain – Keeping it simple is timeless and makes it so much easier to dress up and down. Team your maxi with a belt to add something little bit more or simple accessorize with jewllery.

Empire – If you want to show off your hips and booty this one’s made for you! This style of dress cinches at the waist, creating a more fitted look. They are a perfect day-to-night option and don’t need too many extras added on as the cinch provides just enough style.

Hi- low – This is where the hem is longer at the back and higher at the front, which has been huge during the spring and summer seasons. If you want to show off your legs then opt for this style, it’s perfect.

Semi-sheer – If you’re not a fan of the hi-low look but can’t resist showing off your legs, go for a semi sheer maxi. While the seem still hits the floor, the solid fabric stops around your knee with a lighter/sheering fabric finishing the dress off. These are quite formal so stick to these for eveningwear.

Leg slit – Another one for the girls who love showing some leg. Depending on how comfortable you are will depend on how high the slit will go. You can also find maxi’s with a slit on both sides of the dress which is also stunning. Don’t be fooled though, even if you don’t usually like showing your pins, with a small slit this dress can still look extremely flattering on you.

Last minute style tip: 

For most of these maxi styles a simple way to dress them down for a day-time casual look is to throw an oversized cropped t-shirt over the top. Be sure that the tee shirt is above or just touching your belly button and that the crop features a slightly high neck or at least higher than your maxi and it will work perfectly.

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