I’m sure you’ve all turned down those pop colour shoes that you so desperately wanted for so long simply because every time you go to buy them you find yourself wondering “what would I wear them with?” It may seem like a difficult item to fit in with the rest of your wardrobe choices but trust me it isn’t all as hard as it seems. Follow these few basic styling tips on how to wear those bright coloured heels you’ve been drooling over and you’ll never question another pair again!


Style with: Navy blue, beige, light pinks, black, white.

Spicing up your ensembles with a bit of red on your feet is definitely the way to go but avoid pairing them with pieces that feature lace or can be classified as ‘racy’. Denim, wet look jeans, leather pants and pencil skirts will be great company to your red shoes, but remember they will work wonders all on their own so don’t overkill on the styling. Keep it simple and let your shoes do the talking.


Style with: Neutrals, earthy tones, white, black, yellow.

This colour is probably a fave of mine, simply for its versatility and ability to go with everything that black will go with. If you’re not adventurous enough to try a bolder colour than you’re black pumps, this ones for you.

Skinny’s in a beige colour or denim lighter/darker than the shade of blue shoes you’re wearing is a killer look. Cuff your jeans and finish the look off with a neutral coloured top and an off white coat thrown over your shoulders.


Style with: Blue, navy blue, green, black, white.

Yellow is a little harder than the rest of the colours to style with and they go best with tanned skin girls because they won’t wash you out. That’s not to say you fair skin girls can’t flaunt them with some help from a little fake tan.

Patterned fabric pants teamed with navy coats, or knits are a great way to style up yellow shoes. Even a cool pair of boyfriend jeans and something simple on top oozes chic.


Style with: Black, neutrals, earthy tones, brown, blue, navy blue.

At first site you probably wouldn’t believe how flexible green is to combine into your wardrobe, but gladly for all you lovers of the colour, it is. Steer away form wearing bright ensembles with these shoes, you will look like a rainbow and unless you’re going to a fancy dress, we definitely don’t want that.

A look I’m loving is all black so why not spice it up a bit and add a black and white check coat to keep all eyes on your statement green shoes.


Style silver with: Purple, white, neutrals, black, red.

Style gold with: Electric blue, white, black, emerald, burgundy, red.

Whichever colour of metallic you decide the same rules apply to both. Steer away from patterns and loud pieces, you don’t want to look like an abstract art piece. Don’t try and match everything to your shoes, choose a simple outfit and your shoes will complete them effortlessly.

A killer look is the brallete over the tee style coupled with a ripped up pair of boyfriend jeans. Add a sleeveless blazer into the mix if you want to go a bit more edgy.

PINK (light shades, salmon etc.)

Style with: White, natural colours, earthy tones, black, red, navy blue.

It’s THE colour of the season so what better way to show it some love than sporting round the colour on your feet. Don’t go too overboard and go pink on pink on pink, keep it classy with only your shoes showing the colour off.

I’m loving the salmon and lighter shades of pinks right now, even that close to peach coloured pink is so chic. Keep up this soft feel with a pair of boyfriend jeans and an off white coloured knit, it’s simple and will call all eyes to your shoes without being too loud.


Style with: White, earthy tones, red, navy, blue.

This colour will look amazing with all your earthy, natural coloured pieces. I’m talking your beiges, tans, whites etc. If you really want your shoes to pop, orange will be your thing this season.

For a simple winter look go for a dark denim pair of skinny’s and a chunky neutral coloured cable knit. Pay attention to details and ensure you’ve cuffed your jeans once, to still maintain length and go for tan accessories.

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