It’s official; the flare has made its comeback. To be honest I have been dreading the day I came to terms with that statement but like most things when it’s a sure thing the trend has a way of making you hand over your credit card and become a permanent investor.

Now I’ll be honest with you, the trend can be a little discriminatory; mainly to those on the shorter side… the flare has never been a great friend to you and it can make a short gal (even some tall gals) look even shorter when worn incorrectly, so we’ve put together a go to guide on how you can look fabulous at any height in flares.

Effortless casual: Blue denim and black flares are a good start here, matched with a white button up and a bulky scarf you’ll have casual chic on point. If it’s on the warmer side a simple cami is another good option.

All work and no play: For an office look that’s fashion forward but still professional go for black or beige flares (steer away from denim here) pair with a button up and a blazer or for something a little more relaxed choose a neutral coloured batwing knit cropped just at the waist of the pants.

Dress to impress: Whether you’re heading out for cocktails or you’re just giving killer street style a crack, opt for some statement flares and have some fun with the trend. For cocktail hour a big bold flare will look even more stunning with an off the shoulder top or a bell sleeve, neutral colours work here if you want to accentuate the lines of your outfit and it leaves you to have fun with some statement accessories (we love big colourful art deco earrings).  For a street style look, we love white lace flares or anything with a beautiful print, they are bold, fashion forward and oh so romantic, you can toughen the look with a grunge tee or let the flares be the hero and wear a simple cami.

Now to the shoes… we have one rule, it must be heeled and high. If you are already blessed with height then you can be of exception to the rule but for most of us the flare can cut short our legs and be the opposite of flattering, so a platform or heel is a very complimentary addition!

Put a platform on it: any style is acceptable just choose a platform that will allow the flares to fall straight. You don’t want too much excess around the ankles or around the foot, we care for your safety it’s a major tripping hazard.

Point it: Flares have a wide circumference around the foot so a pointed shoe gives a great peep “shoe” effect. This shoe is also great for an office look as it is sleek and classy, choose something in a patent leather with a great shine for a nice contrast in textures.

Ankle deep: We all love a great pair of heeled ankle boots and so do your flares. If you are unsure of what shoes to wear with your pants, these are always a great go to, they’ll look good with all and are very versatile for your look. They also have an added advantage, if your flares are on the shorter side or slightly cropped, an ankle boot will continue to elongate your legs as long as you don’t have any skin showing between the pants and the boots.









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